My First Blog!

Hello and welcome to Grammy’s Treats and Eats! I am so excited to be starting a blog! I’ve spent so much time studying and researching recipes, ingredients, cooking techniques, and most recently the science of cooking. It just fascinates me to learn not just what works in a recipe but why it works.

I remember the long years when I was working full time as a nurse caring for other people, raising kids, trying to care for aging/sick parents, husband and home, and I did it all… but I did not take care of myself. I paid for that dearly later on. But I thought if I could share all I’ve learned and help busy Mothers and Grandmothers and Wives and Daughters save time, effort and money and still put great meals on the table that would be great! I’d like to take some of the work out of your housework, the guesswork out of your kitchen, and leave you more time not just for your family, but for YOU!

I welcome your feedback, and I welcome your problems, questions, concerns and requests. I don’t consider myself an expert, just someone who has struggled, and now I can share all my hard learned lessons, not to mention recipes and experiments with you! SO: Let the Games Begin!

Tomorrow: What I’ve learned about the amazing Meyer Lemon, and the wonderful things you can do with it!

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