Real Ingredients!

I wanted to add something very important here. You probably see, as I do, so many recipes with fat free this and no salt that. Crazy imitations for fats and other foods. Read your labels! A fat free “margarine” has a list of chemicals in it as long as your arm. Butter has cream and salt. That is just one example. Oh, and it doesn’t bake well and tastes yucky. A doctor told me once that real food is so much healthier and better tasting. You should enjoy your food. The key is portion control. My Guy says the key to dieting is “Don’t eat so darn much!” And he is right. By doing that he enjoys his food and over a year he lost 40 pounds! I weigh around 160 and I’m 5′ 9″ tall. I’m not skinny but it’s a good weight for me. At one time I weighed twice that. Portion control and don’t use ingredients made of chemicals. I taste things as I go along. You would be surprised how much less salt you use that way. I use real butter, whole milk, and cream in my cooking, among other real foods. The next time you pick up a fat free, salt free, or whatever at the grocery, read the label. It is either loaded with chemicals, or they made up for sugar free with more fat and again, chemicals, or it’s fat free because of a lot more sugar and yucky stuff you don’t want to eat. I am not a dietitian and I am only sharing what has worked for me and my Guy. I just wanted you to know I use all real foods in my recipes. I hope you enjoy the recipes I share.

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