My Own Ahi Tuna Fish Tacos with Asian Slaw

Greetings! As promised, I am going to try to provide several meals that are either meatless or using seafood (which, I guess is technically meatless!) for those observing Lent. My hope is that everyone will enjoy these recipes anytime, and that they will help give folks something besides fish sticks to eat on Fridays during Lent. Come on. You know you’ve done it!

This is really an easy recipe. For the tuna it is important you use Ahi, or Sushi grade, tuna. Please also remember eating raw or undercooked seafood can potentially cause food borne illnesses. Please use Ahi grade.

Ok, food warnings aside, this is not totally raw tuna, for those of you who have never had it. It is seared on both sides and, if you prefer, you can sear it a little longer on each side so it is just pinkish in the very center.

Now, sushi grade tuna can be expensive. I found it frozen, 4 pieces to a bag, at Walmart! The price was reasonable and it was quite good.

And away we go….

If the tuna is frozen, thaw it in the fridge.

Allow about 1/4 lb tuna per person. This will make 2 to 3 tacos per person, depending on how they load it up. One bag of 4 pieces is 1 pound.

Ok, so one pound of Ahi Tuna, thawed and patted dry.

On a small plate, combine 3T coarse ground black pepper, 3T sesame seeds, and 1t Kosher salt. Now, you are going to press the edges of the tuna pieces into the pepper mixture, rolling it and pressing to adhere to edges. Repeat with all pieces.

Heat 2T sesame oil in a skillet over medium high heat until it is just smoking. Add the tuna to the pan. For true Ahi tuna, you are just searing the outside, so you will cook it one minute per side. If you would like it cooked a bit more, two minutes per side. Don’t overcook it.

While the tuna is thawing, you want to make your Asian slaw.

You will need 1/2 of a small head of purple cabbage and 1/2 of a small head of green cabbage. Roughly chop both and put in a large bowl. Finely chop 1/2 of a red onion and add it to the bowl, along with 1/2C shredded carrots. Mix well.

In jar or cruet with a tight lid, put 2T olive oil, 1t sesame oil, 1/4C soy sauce, 3T rice wine vinegar, 2T brown sugar, 2 cloves minced garlic, 2t minced ginger, and a generous sprinkling of sesame seeds. Seal the lid and shake vigorously. Pour half over the vegetables and mix well. Save the other half to serve with the tacos.

Open a package of medium flour tortillas. Wrap them in a damp paper towel and microwave 30 seconds to warm them. Do this when you are ready to serve.

Once the Ahi tuna is cooked to your liking, move to a cutting board and slice thin. Arrange on a platter. Put the tuna, the slaw, the extra dressing, and the warmed tortillas on the table, along with a bottle of soy sauce. Everyone can put the slaw and tuna slices in the tortilla, and add more dressing and/or soy sauce as desired. My hubby isn’t crazy about fish tacos, but he makes an exception here! He eats three!

In spite of what seems like lengthy directions, you can whip this up in a half hour or less. Quick, easy, and absolutely delicious! Enjoy!

Love, Grammy

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