Happy Day After St. Patrick’s Day!

Good evening! I hope all of you who were so inclined had a wonderful corned beef and cabbage dinner yesterday! We surely did! I slow cooked everything all day in a cast iron Dutch oven on the stovetop, and made a wonderful loaf of Irish soda bread to go with it. Anybody who is anybody knows the soda bread is better the second day, and it surely was!

But oh, what to do with the leftovers? I was searching for something to do with it tonight and didn’t really find anything that thrilled me. Then I found kind of a boring recipe that as written wasn’t meant for leftovers. So I changed it to be made with leftovers, and jazzed up the flavor. Basically I just used the idea and totally changed it…. the result was amazing!

I don’t know how you did your corned beef dinner, but mine included boiled red potatoes and of course, cabbage. I used the potatoes and corned beef to make Corned Beef and Potato Cakes! Here is how I did it:

I put a few slices of leftover corned beef in the food processor, pulsing just a few times to get small shreds. Enough to equal 1 cup. Then I peeled the red skin off about a pound of cooked potato chunks and put them through the ricer. If you don’t have one, shred them with two forks. Then I peeled an uncooked large red potato (or about 3 small ones) and grated it on a box grater. Then I used paper towels to wring out as much moisture as I could. Put the riced potato, grated potato, and cup of shredded corned beef in a bowl. Sprinkle 1/4C flour over the surface. Measure 1/4C whole milk in a 2 cup measure. Add 1 egg, 1t kosher salt, 1t black pepper, and 1/4t cayenne pepper into the cup and whisk well. Pour this into the potato mixture. Use a wooden spoon to mix and combine well. Scoop out 1/3C measures and form each into a patty. You should get about 8 of them. In a cast iron skillet over medium heat, add 2T olive oil and 2T butter. When hot and melted, add patties 4 at a time (don’t crowd) and cook 4 to 5 minutes per side til nicely browned. Repeat with next 4. While that is going on, melt 4T butter in another skillet. Drain leftover cabbage well and add to pan, stirring and cooking in the butter. Add salt & pepper to taste. Serve these up with the patties and leftover soda bread and you have a fabulous leftover dinner! I made a horseradish sauce (1C sour cream, 1/2t kosher salt, 2T prepared horseradish) to go with the corned beef the first night, and it was wonderful with the corned beef and potato cakes.

I hope this solves your leftover problem as deliciously as it did mine! Enjoy! The luck of the Irish was with me on this one!

Love, Grammy

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