Kitchen Gadgetry!

I love kitchen gadgets. From the smallest of things to small and large appliances, I am the Queen of Kitchen Gadgetry!

My hubby laughs when I start looking at some new item because he says he can’t imagine any gadget I don’t already have. That’s partially correct, because I have cabinets, drawers, and utensil crocks filled to the max. But then I see something…. or hear about something…. and I just have to try it.

I had owned a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for years. I loved it! I used it all the time. One year, as I was starting my Christmas cookie Bake-A-Thon, I was beating a large amount of butter and sugar. I think the mixer decided it just couldn’t take another Christmas and it committed suicide by jumping off my counter. I was crushed. So was my Kitchen Aid. My hand mixer just made the work so hard when I was used to my beloved Kitchen Aid. For my next birthday my kids got together and bought me a new, bigger Kitchen Aid. They do love my baking! I thoroughly read the booklet that came with it, and to my surprise I could mix meatball and meatloaf ingredients in there, and I really learned about using the dough hook. I was, and am, in Heaven! I keep it in the very corner of the counter so it can’t jump!

I have other wonderful things by Kitchen Aid. My blender, food processor, and mini chopper are also wonderful, durable, and put up with all of my use and abuse. I love them! My most recent purchase was the coffee bean grinder. It also does an amazing job. I’ve never had one that worked so well.

Now, hand tools. Those are a mixed bag of things, many without a brand. Of course I have a lot of Rubbermaid, a very durable, dependable brand. Unless you stick your Rubbermaid spatula too far into your Kitchen Aid blender while it’s running…. but I digress.

A garlic press is a great tool. So is a hand lemon juicer, and zester. I have a plastic avocado tool that cuts it, removes the pit, scoops it out, and slices it. I have a tool for cutting and lifting watermelon slices. I recently got a tool to peel, core, and slice pineapple.

I cannot leave out Pampered Chef. They have an apple peeler, corer, slicer with a hand crank that I can’t live without, especially at the holidays. I have several of their utensils and baking dishes that are pretty, durable, and do a great job.

I buy my knives and vegetable peelers at the local Amish Store, a wonderful place full of delicious food and amazingly sharp, functional knives.

So, anyone who loves to cook, needs great gadgets and a lot of them! This is just a quick look into my kitchen and it’s gadgets. Tell me about what you have, and why you love it… or don’t. Always good to share your thoughts!

Have a very Happy Day!

Love, Grammy

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgetry!

  1. I bought a “zoodle maker” a few weeks ago (turns zucchini into healthy noodles with MANY applications). Zoodle makers come in various shapes and sizes, from something that looks like a giant pencil sharpener to more sophisticated contraptions costing $69.99! I bought one at Walmart for $16.99 and so far I think it was an awesome investment. It has 3 separate slicing options, a suction cup on the bottom to prevent movement, a grinding handle to spiral the zucchini and another handle to move the zucchini along the process. I love my new kitchen gadget!

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    1. I have one as well. When the summer squash comes in, zoodle that. Melt some butter in a pan and saute it with thinly sliced onion. Salt and pepper it and love veggies like you never have before! Even if you don’t like summer squash, you will love this. Happy Zoodling!


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