Easy, Homemade Parmesan Cream Sauce!

Good morning! I know it’s early, but the age old question, what to have for dinner, is already looming. Most days, I don’t mind cooking a big meal. In fact, I love it. But some days we are either too tired, or just plain run out of time. That doesn’t mean you can’t have something homemade and delicious.

One thing I discovered for my pasta loving family is the fresh pasta in the refrigerator section at the grocery store. It is just so much better than dried pasta, and cooks in a flash.

My mother-in-law, the sweet Miss Mabel, loves pasta. It is her favorite meal. Unfortunately, as much as she loves my tomato meat sauce, anything with tomatoes bothers her stomach now. So I needed something different. I had a package of fresh 4 cheese ravioli, and here is what I made:

Melt 2T butter over medium heat. While it melts, combine 2T Wondra flour (or all-purpose, but Wondra is better for sauces and gravies) 1/2t salt, and 1t black pepper. When the butter is foaming, sprinkle the flour mixture over the butter and whisk well. Continue to whisk and cook for a minute or two. Don’t let it brown or burn. Slowly pour in 2C milk, whisking constantly. Cook and stir until it thickens and just barely starts to boil. Turn heat to low and cook and stir for a few more minutes. Whisk in 3/4C grated Parmesan cheese, whisking until fully incorporated and melted. When the ravioli is done, drain very well, and put back in pot. Pour cheese sauce over ravioli and toss to combine. Put in serving bowl and sprinkle with parsley to taste. Serve hot with rolls or garlic bread, and more cheese. If you feel ambitious, make a small salad.

Quick, easy, and delicious. The fresh pasta really makes this a wonderful meal that tastes like you slaved all day over it. Only we have to know you didn’t!

Hope you enjoy it!

Love, Grammy

2 thoughts on “Easy, Homemade Parmesan Cream Sauce!

  1. I LOVE quick, especially on hectic days. This recipe will be added to my repertoire of recipes to use on days that I need to push the “easy” button. Thanks Grammy!

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