I Have a New Gadget!

Hello friends and fellow kitchen gadget lovers! I “had” to buy a new little appliance. And I love the fact that whatever I need, no matter how obscure, I can find on Amazon! I am in awe of the greatness that is Amazon! And they bring it right to my door. My husband is on a first name basis with the UPS guy and the Amazon guy. I think he knows their kids’ names…. but I digress.

Ok, so, a year ago I got a really cheap toaster oven ($8!) at a really cheap discount outlet. It lasted a year before burning out like my last one. The last one was Hamilton Beach and lasted 10 years. No brainer, right?

So I went to my dear friend Amazon and looked at new Hamilton Beach toaster ovens. Boy have they changed! I didn’t want the convection oven feature, or the air fryer. Then, I saw it….. it jumped off the screen at me!

I found a toaster oven with a slot in the top like a regular toaster! You can choose toaster or oven mode! You slide over a lever and the extra wide toaster slot opens up! You slide it back, and you have the large oven to bake or broil. You can broil right on the rack because for that feature the tray slides under the rack in it’s own slot to hold it.

Also, it’s black and stainless steel like all of my appliances, so everything looks like it belongs together.

It arrived yesterday. We set it up in it’s spot on the counter. This morning Mama had her cinnamon toast and I had my bagel, both toasted to perfection. I may bake chicken in it tonight, I’m still full of bagel and undecided on dinner.

I just wanted to fill you all in on this piece of gadget perfection. I absolutely love it already!

Thank you Hamilton Beach for this amazing toaster oven! Thank you Amazon for having it and bringing it to me!

Love, Grammy

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