Fast, Easy, Amazing Japanese-Style Fried Rice!

The next time you cook long grain white rice, make double… and put half in the fridge so you can make this amazing fried rice the next day!

While it is possible to boil the rice, cool it a bit, and use it right away, I don’t think it tastes the same… and it sure doesn’t act the same. It is easier to handle after a day in the fridge, breaking up clumps is easier, as is the act of stir frying it. Just trust me here!

There are only a few ingredients to delicious fried rice, but the addition of vegetables really makes it for me. You always put onions in it, but grated carrots and peas are my favorite. Small broccoli florets or chopped zucchini or yellow squash are good too. Cook “wet” veggies like mushrooms by themselves before adding or your rice can be watery.

I made this last night and everyone loved it. Even the dog. Seriously. The dog is the world’s pickiest eater, so that is saying something.

So, pull your 3C day old cooked long grain white rice out of the fridge. Thaw 1/2C frozen peas. Peel and shred 1 large carrot. Peel and finely dice 1 large yellow onion. Scramble 2 eggs in a bit of butter. Chop and let cool.

Heat 1T vegetable oil and 3T butter over medium high heat til melted and hot. Use a really big skillet. Throw the rice in, and stir and cook and turn continuously. Add onions, peas, and carrots and keep it all moving. Add 2t sesame oil. While you keep it moving, monitor for dryness, and add butter by the tablespoonful as needed. Butter is a food group in my house. Be generous, the rice likes it! As it cooks and browns a bit, add the eggs. Now, add 3T soy sauce, cooking, stirring, turning. Taste it. Add soy sauce by the tablespoonful until you like the taste. You may not need to add extra. I always do.

Serve it up hot! We had it with shrimp cooked in lemon garlic butter. What a great meal! Leftovers tonight my friends!

Love, Grammy ❤

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