Massive Amounts Of Chicken Taco Meat!

I will be assisting in putting on a taco bar dinner following a motorcycle ride fundraiser for a needy child. I was assigned the chicken. Thirty pounds of it! I agonized over how to do it. Cut it, saute it, season it? Thirty pounds of it, one skillet at a time? That would take days.

Finally, I came up with this. I bought 30 lbs of skinless, boneless chicken breasts at Costco for $2.99 per pound. Pretty good deal. I also bought 12 quarts of chicken stock there, and a very large jar of Taco seasoning. I love Costco!

Once home, I dug out my canning pot and poured in all 12 quarts of stock. I brought it to the boil and dropped in 12 chicken breasts at a time. This took three cycles, as I had 36 pieces to make 30 pounds. They came out moist and easy to shred. I put 6 shredded pieces at a time into a large bowl. I sprinkled on 1/3 cup of taco seasoning and 1/2 cup of water over the shredded chicken and mixed it well.

Then I tasted it. Oh my! Moist, perfectly seasoned, delicious taco chicken. Since the fundraiser is Saturday, I filled 6 gallon zip lock bags and put them in the freezer. Saturday I will take them out in the morning and about noon put the chicken in a chafing dish and it will be warmed by the start of dinner at 4 PM.

So, if anyone ever asks you to make 30 pounds of chicken taco meat, you know how. Thank God someone else is doing the ground beef! The whole process took about three hours.

Happy cooking!

Love, Grammy ❤

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