Holy Guacamole!

Ok, this past weekend, as part of the fundraiser I told you about, I made guacamole… for about 100 people! I have to confess, multiple people told me it was the best guacamole they ever tasted. I am going to put it into more reasonable amounts for you here, but the trick here is your little pile of chips for tasting. It’s the only way to be sure it is to your liking. You use chips so you can adequately check the salt. You are going to add more of certain things til you love it. It involves some tasting…. darn! 😁

Dice 3 large ripe tomatoes. Dice 1 large yellow onion. Roughly chop a bunch of cilantro. Put it all together in a bowl. Halve, pit, and scoop out the flesh of 3 soft, ripe avocados. Mash it to your desired consistency and add to the bowl. Add 1t Kosher salt. Mix well.

First chip: scoop some guacamole on a chip and taste it. Check saltiness, cilantro, and generally everything. Add as needed. If it’s too salty, add more tomato and onion. Keep tasting with additional chips til you love it. Add more avocado if you like. Make it yours. Just don’t eat it all cause then you have to make more. Unless you want to!

Love, Grammy ❤

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