Apple & Pecan Stuffed Acorn Squash!

Nothing says Fall more than apples and squashes, and here the two come together in a sweet, nutty, totally awesome way. I love acorn squash cooked this way and hope you do too.

Cut 2 acorn squash lengthwise and scoop out the fibers and seeds. Into each half put 1t butter and 1t maple syrup. Fit into a baking dish and bake uncovered for 30 minutes. While it bakes, peel and dice a large apple. Add 2T melted butter, 2T packed brown sugar, 1/2t cinnamon, and 2T finely chopped pecans. Mix well. Spoon this mixture evenly into squash halves. Bake 30 more minutes until tender.

Oh happy day! All the delightful flavors of Fall rolled into one happy recipe! These are a really delightful side to any meat you choose. A-mazing!

Hope you love this one!

Love, Grammy ❤

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