I’m Back!

I’ve been away on vacation! We took a cruise to Nova Scotia. The whole trip was amazing, but since this is a food blog….. Oh my goodness, the FOOD!

I gained 3-1/2 pounds I didn’t need, but the food we ate! There was a 24 hr buffet, and at peak meal times it went on for four rooms! Every conceivable meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, eggs, baked goods…. We had breakfast and lunch there, and dinner in the formal dining room. Personally, I give the food on Princess Cruises 5 stars! Some things I’m going to work on making at home, then I will share them with you!

I am searching right now for various pie recipes. Now that we are chugging toward Thanksgiving, it’s time for pie! Be back tomorrow with the first pie!

Love, Grammy ❤

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